Assignment Of Preparing A Strategic Plan Essay

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The organization selected for the assignment of preparing a strategic plan to grow the company over a year period is: The “Veteran Beer Company,” Founded in 2012. I was introduced to this company by one of my former subordinate soldiers who serve with me during Operation Iraqi Freedom. This soldier left the service about the same time that I retired and he went to work for the Veteran Beer Company while he was attending college in Illinois. He started promoting their beer on Face Book and that is how I found out about the Veteran Beer Company. The Veteran Beer Company’s website states that the company “is dedicated to providing lives of quality for military Veterans through the creation of meaningful post-service careers.” The company produces, sells, and delivers craft beers of superior quality, striving to employ Veterans in every role within the organization. Whenever possible, we use Veteran-owned small businesses in our supply chain and insist that the entire supply chain have a Veteran-first hiring policy. Our employees—all Veterans of the US military–adhere to the highest principles of military service, conducting business with integrity, courage, and loyalty. Importantly, 10% percent of everything we make goes to charities that support Veterans causes; the other 90% goes to employ Veterans (Veteran Beer Company, 2016). The company is small but they plan to employ up to 3500 veterans within five years. Their beer is currently produced in Minnesota and is
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