Assignment On 'Get The Egg !'

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TASK 1: PLANNING COMMENTARY Respond to the prompts below (no more than 9 single-spaced pages, including prompts) by typing your responses within the brackets. Do not delete or alter the prompts. Pages exceeding the maximum will not be scored. 1. Central Focus a. Describe the central focus and purpose of the content you will teach in the learning segment. [The central focus for this set of lessons is identify characters and settings in a story. Characters are important in a story because a character is anyone in a story and a setting gives students a description of being inside the story. Character and setting helps students understand what they are reading and it allows them to make connections. b. Describe how the standards and learning objectives for your learning segment support children’s  active and multimodal learning  language…show more content…
In the first lesson, students are increasing their knowledge of character and setting. As a class, we go over the story “Get the Egg!” Reading the story I will stop and ask questions about characters and settings and if they know the meaning of character and setting. Then the students will work in small group and fill out a story element chart (Name the character, setting, and draw the picture. In the second lesson, students are continuing to practice, furthering their knowledge on the concept. Vocabulary words of “Get the Egg!” and children will try to be able to identify the vocabulary words related to character and setting in the story. Students will try to write sentences with the vocabulary words. In the third lesson plan, students will be given a sentence starter and learn to connect thoughts and oral language to generate ideas in a sentence .Students will use correct punctuation, spacing, and capitalization to make a complete sentence. This helps students learn how to plan for
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