Assignment On Hardware Leasing And Its Effect On The Scope And Cost Of The Billing System

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Option 1 Hardware Leasing This option is the best in my opinion. Yes, it will still cost the company a considerable amount of money, however, delays in the project will be at a minimum. Purchasing new hardware and software will definitely increase the scope and cost of the billing system, but, the delay in the project will be kept to a minimum. Option 2 Outsourcing Outsourcing the work to a third party will definitely have an impact on the scope, time and cost of the project, but, it will also delay the project significantly due to the time it will take to convert the data. This option is not a viable alternative to Option 1 due to the amount of time it will take and the cost the will be incurred. The company will have to…show more content…
Re-evaluating other aspects of the project is a viable option. The project manager will have to present the information to the sponsors on whether the increase in cost will benefit the project or damage it. A-3 - Communicating During Change 1. Use Part 4 of the case study named Billing System Conversion Project and do the following: a) For each potential change, identify stakeholders who muct be notified or who must give approval for changes to the project. Since there are three potential solutions to the proposed scenario, and all of the solution have the possibility of impacting the project in a major way in the aspects of scope, time and cost, the question that must be proposed is which one of the solutions will have the least amount of impact on all three. The first option of Hardware Leasing is the only viable option that has minimal effects. The sponsors must be the first people that are notified of the change, including but not limited to the CFO of the project and upper management. The reasoning behind this is that they are the key personnel that need to be aware of any changes aside from the project manager. Approval of the new plan has to go through these people. The project manager does not need to be notified as they will be involved in the process once it is

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