Assignment On Information Security Threats

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ASSIGNMENT ON INFORMATION SECURITY A ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED TO ATMC UNIVERSITY IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ITECH3215 MINOR ASSIGNMENT OF THREAT PROFILING SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: LECTURER: GOPI AKELLA KAPIL SINGH [30305185] 1. ABSTRACT Information security threats can mainly originate from two primary sources such as, nature and humans. Security vulnerability actually is not the attack, but rather the weak point that is exploited. Most of the organizations take help of TCP/IP utilities to run programs, transfer the information…show more content…
Mainly, there are three basic concepts important to information on the internet are like confidentiality, availability, and integrity. This overall concepts relating to the people who use that information are authentication, authorization and no repudiation. Security system is just better solution of different problems regarding the important data. If talk about confidentiality, it is a very important attribute. For Example it includes data research, records of medical, and investment strategies. When information is modified in unexpected ways then output is also known as loss of Integrity. In case of Availability, when information can be erased then resulting is also called loss of availability. Figure 1.1 Information security 2. THREAT A threat may be defined as something that may or may not happen, but it has fully potential cause serious damage. It can step up to attacks on computer systems, network and more things belong to the system. A threat has been defined to be any menace like as, nature and extent as to unsettle the mind of person who is operated to it. There is various type of threat in information security system for example, direct, indirect, veiled threat, as well as conditional and many more. 2.1 NAME AND DESCRIPTION OF THE THREAT The selected threat is back off point-of-sale malware. Suppose if you’re business purchases hardware or some other supplies from a retailer.
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