Assignment On Legislation For Commercial Sex Worker

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STUDENT NAME – VIVEK KUMAR YADAV SUBJECT NAME - SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPIC- LEGISLATION FOR COMMERCIAL SEX WORKER’S Introduction There is a huge debate on legislation for commercial sex workers; the ways in which other forms of law and practice contribute to shaping the working environments of sex workers in different places is less understood. The consequences of the lack of detection of the sex worker as a person before the law in this country are barely discussed. Due to the absence of recognized legal status always restricted to sex workers to get a birth certificate, identity card voter card which is also violation of human rights, or other means that societies create a different mindset to recognize individual legal personality, which make it possible to act that profession of sex work is against the norms and values of the society and make claims in society. It can found easily that the sex worker is deprived of the profit of citizenship even though they are born the country in which they work. We draw particular attention to the failure, in many places, to identify sex workers as persons in the front of law. In the absence of legal rights sex workers are enforceable to claims against office holders, employers, and basic service providers on brothels that, as a consequence, are not held accountable to sex workers. Regulation of commercial sex The basic mechanism for controlling sex work is criminal law, which can make all or some activities
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