Assignment On Steeple And Swot Analysis

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Part 3: Critically analyse task 6, 7 and 9 from the workbook
Task 6 and 7: STEEPLE and SWOT analysis
Strategic analysis tools or strategic frameworks are developed to direct organisational tactics and match faculty abilities with market chances so that the faculty can achieve a strategic planning and a unified set of goals including continuing analysis and evaluation (Tomlinson, 2011). Most institutions can adopt one or more strategic frameworks to drive faculty development by providing critical external and internal factors using STEEPLE and SWOT analysis, respectively to formulate the strategy. However, errors and potential limitations of strategic frameworks can occur, if organisations have inabilities of managerial and administrative such as lack of skill and experience to create an effective strategy (Tomlinson, 2011).

According to the STEEPLE analysis framework, this framework is used to categorise and determine the factors of macro environment and external influences that may affect the performance of organisations and future activities in both the short and long term (Grant, 2008). STEEPLE is an acronym for social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal and ethical considerations so a strategic project team needs to analyse and identify the potential impact of these composing factors such as changes, trends and movements in order to maximise efficiency of the organisation (Jones & Murray, 2008). Moreover, it requires a deeper knowledge and critical

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