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Student 8 digit UK Id Number: 10763788 Student Name: Dakota Heise Shadowing Preceptor: James Patterson Date of Shadowing Experience: 2/18/17 Interprofessional Shadowing Experience Learning Objectives 1. Appraise the healthcare setting in terms of the services provided, the types of clients/patients served, and the most frequent healthcare issues encountered in that setting (20 points). I think that integrative mind body medicine, as practiced by Dr. Patterson, is an overlooked and undervalued healthcare field that I believe many people probably do not even know exists as an option. Integrative mind body medicine focuses on how you can utilize your own physical, emotional, and mental capabilities to help you deal with stress,…show more content…
The only healthcare professional at the Mind Body Studio that I observed was Dr. Patterson. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology, is a medical doctor (previously a primary care physician), and has a master’s degree in public health. He is certified by the American Board of Family Practice, the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and the Center for Mind Body Medicine, as well as trained in yoga instruction and mindfulness teaching. Dr. Patterson has all the capabilities and scope of practice of a physician that you could go visit in a family practice clinic, but instead of focusing on traditional, conventional healthcare – he focuses on alternative medicine in the form of mind body medicine. Dr. Patterson has a relaxing studio where he has 2 hour sessions and day long sessions where he can truly build a relationship with and learn about his patients. Dr. Patterson described his role in his classes as an equal to the participants of the class. He did not assume a typical doctor-patient dynamic/relationship, but rather an environment of respect and mutual learning between two (or more) mindful individuals. He personally leads all his sessions/classes, but there are many opportunities for the participants to act independently and take the reins. Dr. Patterson is the leader, but he makes it very clear that without communication between participants and himself, the experience will not be as rewarding, relaxing, or enlightening. 3.

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