Assignment On Therapeutic Communication In Psychiatric Nursing

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November 23, 2017 Self-Assessment Based on Clinical Indicators In this self assessment assignment based on clinical indicator, I will focus on therapeutic communication, nursing process/charting, and time management. Therapeutic Communication In my opinion, therapeutic communication if not the most but one of the most important competencies in psychiatric nursing profession. Part of this competency is to identify what the therapeutic communication means in psychiatric nursing. In other words, I think that most of the nursing profession is related to on how to communicate therapeutically with a patient. Going through the practicum this semester, I was able to differentiate between social and therapeutic communication. I found the listening part of the therapeutic communication quite challenging when the unit was busy or I was falling behind my tasks. At times, I observed myself thinking about different things during a conversation with my patients. I was thinking about different subjects such as what I needed to do in that shift for instance or did I chart MSE on another patient, etc. I recognized this disruption in my therapeutic communication and challenge myself to quiet my mind and be present at the moment during a therapeutic communication with my patients. To me listening was not only the act of hearing patients’ voices and responding accordingly. It was more about being in the moment and not perceiving anything the client says based on my own perceptions. I think

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