Assignment On Touch Football And What Energy Systems And Components Of Fitness

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HPE Assignment Script Term 3 commenced with each boy studying HPE in year 11, participating in the sport Touch Football. In this subject the cohort has been analysing the relationships between different energy systems and components of fitness that need to be acquired to successfully participate in the physical activity. Components of fitness are described as basic qualities that demonstrate the ability to complete daily tasks with energy, reduced health risks, and participate in a variety of physical activities (1). This presentation will give a thorough reflection on Touch football and what energy systems are of most importance to the sport. I will also be reflecting on the components of fitness that I personally need to work on which is observed from primary data collected in the HPE classes. Also methods of improvement toward specific components of fitness. The energy systems used by the human body is categorised into the intensity of the activity performed and the time of which it takes to complete. In sports, she relationship between intensity and time is in most cases inversely proportional seen in the diagram. An example of a sport that is of high intensity and is completed in a short time period is a 100m sprint. In comparison an example of an activity or sport that is of low intensity but takes a long time to complete is a 3000m run. The energy for all physical activity comes from the conversion of high-energy phosphates (adenosine triphosphate—ATP) to
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