Assignment On Writing A Position Description

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NAME: PRADEEP REDDY JAGGAVARAPU Exercise 4.1 - Writing a Position Description Form 4.1.1 THE POSITION DESCRIPTION PART I: ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION 1. Name (last, first, middle): JAGGAVARAPU PRADEEP REDDY 2. Date: 2/16/2015 3. Job title: Assistant doctor 4. How many people in organization have this title? Five members 5. Working title if different: - 6. Organization: Sri Surya Hospital 7. Work location (county or city) : Kakinada city , INDIA 8. Division within organization: Out-patient department 9. Title of immediate supervisor: chief doctor 10. Organizational unit: main branch of sri surya hospital PART IT: POSITION INFORMATION 11. State the chief objective of the position in a brief statement: a) My positions chief objective is diagnosing illnesses, prescribing and administrating appropriate treatment/medication for various ailments or diseases. 12. Before filling out the next section, think about the tasks and duties performed in the position. Consider the time spent on the tasks and duties, how important they are to achieving the objective of the position, and the processes or ways in which these tasks and duties are performed. After considering these aspects of the position, state the tasks and duties that are performed in the position. • State the most important duty first and finish with the least important duty of the position. • Calculate the percent that each duty requires of the total working time. Be sure these percentages total 100. •
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