Assignment One. “To View Language As Though It Were An

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Assignment One “to view language as though it were an object, devoid of the social context of its creation and use, is to dislocate it from the field of human interaction within which language derives the full quality of its meanings…” (Grugeon and Gardner 2000: 105) Language is a mixed bag of contradictions which all of society use to address the specific needs of their group. A teacher’s role is extreme in the process of understanding language. It is not enough to merely consider the cultural context in which the speaker emerges, teachers must understand the implications arising from such circumstances, and how they present in the classroom. Socio-cultural factors such as religion, sex and social class play a significant…show more content…
However, to grasp the full meaning of language, Gee conveys the need to view language as a three-dimensional object, requiring human interaction and social context as the further dimensions. Without human interaction and social context, language is merely an object void of any meaning. It is hard to find any characteristics of society that plays a role as fundamental as language does (Hudson, 1996, p. 4). Language is therefore seen as more than a tool to communicate. Language is an identity used distinctly by different groups to recognise people with parallel values and beliefs who share similar qualities. Vygotsky explains cognitive development as a ‘socially mediated activity’ which occurs during social interaction (O’Donnell et al. 2016. p. 101). By providing us with this description, Vygotsky is reinforcing the fundamental role our social settings play in contributing to student’s overall development. Gee explains an important factor of why he believes some student 's do not succeed in the classroom. A Discourse, as illustrated by Gee is a network of people that shares a similar way of using language, of valuing, acting and thinking, these traits make the group easily identifiable (Green, 2006. p.3). While there are many benefits of belonging to a group, Children can be identified as failures if the Discourse is unfamiliar to them. All cultures are diverse in one aspect or another. Many have different beliefs, ideologies and rules which help us identify different
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