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INX COLOUR BOOK PROJECT Eslsca 10 May 2015 Group (4) Shereif Gawish; Khaled Mousa; Mostafa Gamal; Marwa Said; Nevein Mahmoud; Basem Abdalla; Sherif Saad; Gamal Abd Elatif; Colour Book Project: 2   What is color book ? It is a book containing all colors made by INX applied on aluminum substrate sorted according to color categories 3 1. Introduction: Ali ElKattan 1.1. Project Description and Vision 4     Rexam is a beverage can making company where it stands as the 2nd biggest company in the industry of can making in the whole world. INX company is a pioneer company in the ink industry where it’s the main supplier for inks for Rexam & other companies. The company Vision is to…show more content…
 Not to hire any employees from outside the company for the project.  Current status 10% Time & ef f ort consumed bef ore print proof Time & ef f ort consumed during print proof 90%   Time consumed at design approval cycle Solution: Color book project Time consumed at printing machine approval  Solution: Change label project (this project is still on study phase)  2.4. Project success criteria 13  Reduction of design approval cycle from 8 steps to 2 or 3 steps max.  Reduction of time taken from 20 or 30 days to approve colors to 1 day.  Enhancing INX performance in new colors preparation.  Preparation of Ink database for the customer.  Supporting Rexam to enhance its image towards customers by its fast response on launching new designs that gives customer satisfaction.  Eliminating complaints from the customer side & Rexam.  Decrease the ink mixing process in Lab due to the preparation of nearly complete database of Ink IDs. 2.4. Project success criteria 14 Before: After: Option A 15 After: Option B 16 2.5. Assumptions 17      We already have complaints from the customer side due to delay in the roll out preparation. Have no database for Ink roll outs. Target colour regardless to customer vision is not clear. We already have total 200 colour samples ready prepared out from 235 colour that INX uses,
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