Assignment : Plan For Contracting

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Assignment 2: Plan for Contracting Students are required to list and describe the skills necessary for contracting with clients and provide examples of how skills can be beneficial to negotiating contracts. A description and role of the contract sections is explained; in addition to the implications if parts of the contract is omitted. Furthermore, phases in drawing up a contract and choose a suitable contracting meeting setting will be introduced. In conclusion, as a consultant an explanation of negotiating contracts is discussed and important factors for a successful outcome will be describe and explained. For effective contracting with a client it is important that the consultant research the organization that he/she would like to…show more content…
They want you to get involved and be helpful, but at the same time they wish they had never met you. The consultant must have the ability to see beyond what is said before a contract is presented in written. For instance, surface concerns about exposure and loss of control. Most of the real concerns clients have about pursuing a consulting project with you are expressed quite indirectly. They ask about credentials, experience, results elsewhere, cost, timing, and more. Often what they are really concerned about is (1) Are they going to be made to look or feel foolish or incompetent? and (2) Will they lose control of themselves, their organization, or you the consultant? These concerns have to be addressed directly as part of the contracting phase. The skill of understanding contract terminology, in particularly, the triangular and rectangular contracts. Your client has a boss and you may have a boss. If your client 's boss and your boss have had a heavy hand in setting up this project, they need to be part of the contract. At least, their roles need to be acknowledged between you and your client. If it is you, the client, and the client 's boss, you have a triangular contract. Throw in your own boss, and the triangle becomes a rectangle. Clarifying who is involved and getting them into the contract is a requirement of the contracting phase (Argosy University, Flawless Consulting, 2015). Contracting already starts when
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