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Assignment Preparation: Activities include watching the video, independent student reading, and research. Watch the video, "Insights on Software Quality Engineering." Think of a software application (for example, a time tracking application) that you would like to put in for your past or present organization, or an organization that you have read about. Use the table below to describe as clearly as you can, the specific artifacts in each phase, and an example of how the artifact would look like. Phases Artifacts Inception Name of Artifact: Business case plans Content: Will explain the project the main idea. It will be who, what when where and why of the project. Example: There will be a new time tracking system. It…show more content…
Example: The program will need to be able to allow employees to input time and see how much time off they have accumulated. It will need to allow them to input and save bank information to set up direct deposit. It should also be available to access across different operating systems. It should also be available to use on mobile devices. Name of Artifact: Security Requirements Content: Will list in detail all the security requirements need to keep the program and all the information safe from threats. Example: Access Requirement Username and Password requirements Network Security Monitor traffic coming in and out of the program Name of Artifact: Performance Requirement Content: Will make sure the program performs as needed with little to no downtime Design Name of Artifact: Software artifact Content: Will create and produce a the software that will be used for testing and implementation. Example: Will code, create, and design the actual program and software used to track employees time Implementation Name of Artifact: Implementation Plan Content: Will list and explain how the software will be installed deployed and transitioned out to the employees. Will also explain any necessary training. Example Process Description Installing The program will accessed from
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