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Quality Assurance and Control

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Introduction 2 Importance of Quality in Organisations 3 Customers 3 Continuous Improvement 4 Waste Reduction Culture 5 Quality Assurance & Quality Control 6 Quality Assurance 6 Quality Control 7 Differences between Assurance and Control 7 Quality Control & Assurance Control Mechanisms 8 Key Performance Indicators 8 Integrate Quality into Employee Objectives 9 Training 9 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11


This assignment will discuss what the term ‘quality’ means to an organisation. It will also detail the key differences
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Hakes, C (1991, p.13) suggests “attainment of world class goals is only possible by striving for never ending improvement in all aspects of performance”. He then states that the following chart represents “never ending improvement” and that this is “the way to a competitive advantage”.

Hakes, C (1991, p.13)

This figure shows that as time passes, and continuous improvement exists within organisations, they distance themselves from their competitors. This can allow for market growth and an increase in profits through high volume of sales.

While it is imperative for continuous improvement to exist in successful organisations, it is also important to consider the amount of resources used to implement this. Pfeifer, T (2002, p.89) demonstrates this in the following graph:

This is then backed by suggesting, “substantial amount of time and personnel are usually needed in order to identify and implement such solutions”. It is therefore important for organisations to consider the amount of improvement initiatives they execute. Pfeifer, T (2002, p.89) goes on to suggest that 100% perfection of the solution is not always desirable when the level of resource required to achieve it is taken into account; “there is also a risk that a solution which has been developed at considerable costs proves unsuitable or has drawbacks in practice. It therefore often makes sense to
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