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Preparation Questions for the Cases to be used in the Program Please use the questions below in your preparation of the cases. Salesoft Inc (A) – HBS Case 596112 1. What is your plan? Do you plan to continue with PROCEED or will you introduce the TH product? Provide support for your plan. 2. What is the buying cycle for PROCEED? Who are the people involved in the purchase of a CSAS solution? What is the role of consultants? 3. Quantify the benefits of CSAS to a customer using the information given in Exhibit 7. 4. What value does TH provide a customer? How is this different from the customer value delivered by PROCEED? 5. What is a Trojan Horse? How does it facilitate customer acquisition and retention?…show more content…
Would you recommend any changes to the current plan? 2. Define the role of a EuroChamp. What are the sales tasks that the firm wants a EuroChamp to undertake? What are the qualities of a good EuroChamp? 3. Explain the reasons for the sales process failures that Goklaney observed in the field. What are the reasons for the current situation? 4. Do you agree with the firm’s current approach to compensation? How does the new program change that approach? 5. Assess the other aspects of the sales management practice at Eureka Forbes. Specifically, what changes would you recommend (if any) to the firm’s sales management approach to recruitment, training, supervision, evaluation and compensation? Case: Bugs Burger Bug Killers (A) 1. What’s different about Bugs Burger Bug Killers? 2. Is the Bugs Burger Bug Killers concept sustainable? Can it be grown? Could it be applied to other firms and industries? 3. How general is the applicability of an unconditional service guarantee? Case: Kjell & Company 1. Do you think Kjell’s current value offering will work in countries other than Sweden? 2. Given the difference in context between Norway and Sweden, should Kjell grow the same way in Norway as it did in Sweden, emphasizing physical store locations? Or, should it embrace a more aggressive e-commerce-based growth model in Norway? 3. What value does Kjell create for its customers? How role
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