Assignment Questions On Health And Safety At Work 1974

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Assignment Name: - Ritesh Chaudhary Trade: - Electrical Program: - BTEC Pearson Paper – assignment 5 (D1) Task 7: Justify the methods used to deal with hazards in accordance with workplace policies and legal requirements. Answer: As I have assessed my risk assessment on the machinery equipment (i.e. Milling machines), have been found many controls measures during assessment. That has mainly chosen during assessment were as given bellows: 1. Guarding: Justification:Moving machine parts can cause severe workplace injuries. Safeguarding is essential to protect the workers fromcrushed hands, amputations, burns, blindness, etc. types preventable injuries. The part, function, or process of the machines that can cause injury should be safeguarded properly. Legal requirement: From legislation of Health and Safety at Work 1974. Machinery guarding must be, 1. All of the machines should be provided with all nessesary guards and with protective devices. 2. Always use fixed guards if possible and fastened it with the bolts and screws. 3. In case of fixed guard is not possible then use an interlocked guard which ensures that machine did not start before the guard is closed and machine stops when the guard is opened while operating the machines. 2.Lighting: Justification: This control measure is mostly required in the workplaces for safe procedures. Lighting should be properly maintained as per the workplace
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