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Assignment 2 0
Task 1 2
a) Define what is meant by each term: 3
i. Coaching - Definition 3 ii. Mentoring - Definition 3
b) Clearly explain the differences between coaching and mentoring. 3
Mentoring - Definition 5
Task 2 6
Task 3 11
Bibliography 12

Complete the three tasks below.
Task 1
Mentoring and coaching are important development techniques used when training and developing individuals and teams (half a page).
a) Define what is meant by each term:
i) coaching ii) mentoring
b) Clearly explain the differences between coaching and mentoring.
c) Reflect on the training and development plan you developed in Assessment 1. Identify an area where a mentoring opportunity exists. Explain how you would
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Coaching gives the employee an opportunity to hear about aspects of his or her performance in "real time" and to play a role in figuring out how to best adopt or modify their behavior for success."

Studies also reveal that there are six values that are crucial if the coaching relationship is to thrive and succeed:
• responsibility
• honesty
• belief that others want to learn and develop
• interest and respect for others
• showing trust
• pursuit of excellence.

Coaching is considered a short term activity that lasts for as long as it is required (which may be only one or two sessions) until the person is considered competent to complete the task(s) for which the coaching was initiated. It is used to enhance current skill sets or to assist the coachee acquire new skills. Coaching can be ad hoc for an individual or have a more formal design for a group session.


Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship which involves a more experienced person helping a less experienced person to achieve their goals.

A successful mentoring program is used within an organisation to:
• enhancing strategic business initiatives
• encouraging retention through succession planning
• reducing turnover costs and improve productivity by using own employees with the necessary expertise as internal experts for professional development
• enhancing professional development

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