Assignment Questions On Networking

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IGN (In Game Name): sexayy
Age: 17
Country: United States
Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes.
Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: Yes, i have both!
How many hours can you put in the server per week: 10+
Any previous punishments on Faithful?: No

Any past experiences in being a staff member: Yes I Do!
LegendHCF: This server was the server that taught me a lot about how to be a staff member they taught me how to ss, how to help players in teamspeak, basically everything there is to know on to be a staff member. (if you need proof I will happily give it to you.)
Delocity: This server taught me a lot when it comes to being a staff member. They taught me how to catch hackers, how long to mute people if they are spamming
, and
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Some things include I am very active and can be on when some staff is not on. I will be open to new ideas, suggestions, etc. Even if I am not the best applicant, I can still do what is needed. I have a strong aptitude for learning new things, its fun. I believe that I can help out the server in many ways that other people may, or may not be able to do. I am super good at catching hackers, and not just accusing them of hacking. I think that I am good at screen sharing, catching the many ghost clients or hacked clients. I will admit I will not be able to find 100% of them, but I could use help from either other members of the staff or just anybody. I believe that I can bring a lot to the table, just like many other people can. There is always a chance that people are better than me at being staff, but that will not stop me from trying to get staff. I just think that there are somethings that I can bring to help out the server, but other people might have other things that they can also bring. For example, tedious work; assisting new players who have absolutely no clue in regards to how to utilize the server's functions. I pride myself on being able to help those who need help, quickly and efficiently, and lots of that is due in part to my staff experience. Additionally, my experience has granted me profound knowledge on the two primary plugins that I know just about everything there is to know about
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