Assignment Questions On Teaching And New Perspective

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I chose to revise assignments number two and three because they were my two favorite assignments out of the three we did during the semester. I felt that they were unique in the sense that I had never been asked to do something like this in an English class before. It is important to enjoy the assignments that you revise because the process takes a lot of time and effort. A writer must be fully engaged with his pieces to be able to revise effectively. I also think that they will allow me to work on two completely different aspects of my writing. In project two, my revisions are focused around incorporating sources and supporting evidence. I also look to improve development and new perspective in this piece as well. I plan on addressing these areas in a variety of ways through out my revisions. I will look at the way I incorporate sources to make sure that they flow smoothly and are needed and effective where they are currently placed. I will also look at the frequency at which I incorporate sources to see if there is opportunity to incorporate more. As far as the areas of development and new perspective go, I will look into my analysis and see if that can be strengthened in any shape or form. For project three, my focus is on the section of the rubric that deals with So what/who cares as well as global organization. I also am looking into improving focus and interpretation. For so what/who cares as well as focus and interpretation this is another area where I can look into
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