Assignment Questions On The Cybersecurity Degree Program

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Questions for the ASASC* (Plan to attend the meeting when this is discussed to answer other questions)
1. What is the demand for the program? Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 37% increase in Cybersecurity related job fields by 2022.
2012 median salary $86,170 per year.
2. Is the program a rearrangement of existing courses or will new courses be required? New courses will be required.
3. Does the program require an agreement with another institution, business, or industry? No.
4. What other institutions provide this program? None exactly like, 8 similar, none degree completion programs. 4a. If other institutions offer this program, what is the need for an additional provider? None offer a degree completion program.
5 How does the program fit within the mission and strategic initiatives of the college? The Cybersecurity degree program supports the college mission to providing students an education rich in personal necessary for career preparation.
The Cybersecurity degree program will play a leadership role in the local economic development by preparing its graduates to join a high quality educated workforce in an area of national need.
6. What are the budget requirements of the new program? $60,000 for all courses developed.
$20,000 for advertising new program.
$4,000 stipend per class for Adjunct Instructor.
$4,500 stipend per class for Adjunct Instructor with Doctorate.
7. What are the resources needs of the new program in terms of facility, technology, library,

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