Assignment Questions On The Mediation

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Worksheet 3 Assignment Questions: 1. Give an example of how you established a rapport with the disputants so that they would trust you as their mediator (especially so that they would trust you during caucus, if you had to caucus). (10 points) I greeted the disputants with a handshake and a friendly demeanor to establish a positive and trustworthy rapport. I then proceeded to lie out the purpose, agenda, and guidelines of how the mediation was going to be discussed using a neutral tone. I felt that that both parties understood my intent to facilitate a positive outcome. We did not have or needed to initiate a caucus at any point during the discussion. 2. Give an example of how you remained neutral throughout the mediation. Or, if you did not remain neutral throughout the mediation, then how do you think that impacted your disputants? (15 points) I found myself, many times, wanting to solve the issue for the disputants. Both parties had valid issues, but I wanted to side more with the employee. I refrained from doing this by, recalling that my duty was to help them formulate a solution on their own. I remained neutral by using open-ended questions that got them to see each other’s perception. This ultimately led to a positive outcome for both parties. 3. As the mediator, how did you work to calm negative emotions that arose during the mediation? If no negative emotions arose during the mediation, then how had you prepared to handle them (such as by having an emergency
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