Assignment Questions On Value Creation Business

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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Electronic or manual submission UNIT FBL5030 FUNDAMENTALS OF VALUE CREATION BUSINESS CODE TITLE NAME OF STUDENT TOTT WELLINGTON FAMILY NAME FIRST NAME STUDENT ID 10398192 . NAME OF LECTURER P.ALEXANDER DUE DATE 20/10/15 Topic of assignment ASSIGMENT 3-CASE ANALYSIS Group or tutorial (if applicable) Course MASTERS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT CAMPUS MT. LAWLEY I certify that the attached assignment is my own work and that any material drawn from other sources has been acknowledged. This work has not previously been submitted for assessment in any other unit or course. Copyright in assignments remains my property. I grant permission to the University to make copies…show more content…
Some editing needed to clarify the meaning, along with extensive proofreading to correct technical errors. Moderate proficiency Aspects of writing are mostly accurate. Mistakes rarely affect clarity of meaning. Minor editing needed to clarify the meaning, along with careful proofreading to correct technical errors. High proficiency Aspects of writing are appropriate and optimally constructed, allowing clarity of meaning. Meaning is clear and needs only a light proofread to correct technical errors. Sentence structure 1. sentence completeness 2. sentence length 3. phrase/clause order 4. use of conjunctions 5. word order 6. punctuation Word use 7. word choice 8. word form 9. word omission/redundancy 10. verb tense/agreement 11. spelling 12. apostrophes Management problems Review of the document revealed that there was a three months’ of the project which was much attributed to inability by construction companies to hire skilled labour quickly enough. NBC pointed a number of management problems noticed with the contractors such as not hiring enough fibre splicers yet skilled labour was required to join fibre cables together to roll out the network. Transfield on the other hand was noted to have “Inconsistently utilized critical resources”. Silcar was similarly reported to be struggling to both recruit and retain
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