Assignment : Risk Management Plan

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Definition: A Risk is an unwanted situation which might arise in an organization which might lead to negative impact on the desired result. Risk management plans involves the analyzing, managing and evaluating the projects risk and threats. It involves layout of the entire project i.e from the beginning during and after results of the project.
Risk management framework is decided based on the organization rules and requirements and also the project. Risk management is primary requirement to fulfill the needs of the project and reduce the vulnerabilities in various aspects such as software vulnerabilities, firewall breakages, budget planning. These are the important factors which need to be taken into consideration for the risk management plan.
 Safeguarding the information of the Staff members in a Health care network.
 Safeguarding the Patients profiles which hide there personal issues.
 Protecting the data base of the security policies and terms of the health organization.
 Securing the transactions of the revenue or funds received or spent by the organization.
 Proper maintenance of the users profile in the data base of the doctors, patients, staff members.
 Securing the messages transferred between various branches of health center’s of data.
 Keeping the software less vulnerable to…
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