Assignment : Risk Management Plan

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TASK 1: RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN Name: MOHAMMED ABDUL SUBOOR ID# 2796543 ___________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION: Definition: A Risk is an unwanted situation which might arise in an organization which might lead to negative impact on the desired result. Risk management plans involves the analyzing, managing and evaluating the projects risk and threats. It involves layout of the entire project i.e from the beginning during and after results of the project. Risk management framework is decided based on the organization rules and requirements and also the project. Risk management is primary requirement to fulfill the needs of the project and reduce the vulnerabilities in various aspects…show more content…
 Strategic approach towards the process is developed. Risks, threats and vulnerabilities are identified in three company products: 1. H.Net exchange:  Secure messages being exposed.  Patient problems and weakness are out.  Important discussions between doctors and patients are letout. 2. H.Net Pay:  Transactions process from credit card at high risk.  Payments and funds received or transferred can be hacked.  Internet surfing might be at risk in this product as web commenced is in used.  Software vulnerabilities might be high.  Hackers may hack into web portals. 3. H.Net Connect:  User personal information might be hacked.  Unauthorized individual access to the database.  Cloud computing might not be able to handle high users of data.  Data base maintenance will be high due to large number of users. OUTLINE OF RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN: Identification: In the three maintained products the threats and risks are to be identified. Such as the data base securing, user identification, authorizing proper managers, protections from hackers and updated firewalls and less vulnerable software. Analysis: Proper survey and the complete scenario is taken into consideration about risks in the organization which enables the proper risk assessment. Potential of each threat or risk is evaluated and graded in order to reduce the impact of the risks or reduced the probability of its occurrence. Response: Implementing
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