Assignment : Self Assessment Report

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ASSIGNMENT 1- SELF ASSESSMENT REPORT 1- TPI In Partial Fulfilment of Requirements for FSOF001: ORIENTATION TO OPEN CAMPUS ONLINE LEARNING Presented by Jocelyn Emmons Submission Date: Friday, 06 May 2016 INTRODUCTION This report aims to provide valuable insights into the philosophical categories that are used to measure a teacher’s actions, beliefs and values about learning and to relate my learning perspectives to the facilitator’s role in delivering knowledge and supporting students in an online learning environment. The course activity requires of me to employ the TPI survey so as to produce a summative report outlining the results and an analysis of this results. The TPI will also allow me to critically articulate my beliefs about teaching and give further insight into my teaching-learning perspectives. This tool is based on five principles: Transmission, Apprenticeship, Developmental, Nurturing, and Social Reform. According to empirical evidence all teachers possess some level of the five perspectives, but the results for each may vary on a scale ranging from 9 to 45 (Pratt and Collins, 2000). The next section will present a summary of the results of the TPI survey conducted. SUMMARY OF RESULTS In this section the table below is used to summarize the results (scores) from the TPI Survey completed. Belief Score Intention Score Action Score Overall Score Transmission 13 13 15 41 Apprenticeship 14 15 14 43 Developmental 14 14 15 43 Nurturing 15
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