Assignment : System Modeling And Simulation

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MMATIVE ASSIGNMENT 1 (S1) System modelling & Simulation
Background information:
To begin with, the simulation named as Beer Game was being founded by Jay Forrester at MIT which illustrates the supply chain run by group based coordination including retailer, wholesaler, distributor and factory (Forio 2001). Moreover, the role of a retailer has been given which means the gamer have to manage the overall inventory for the retail outlets of an American company Samuels Root beer, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Harvard Business School Publishing and Forio Online simulation 2012).
System design for supply chain of Root beers:
According to the Harvard Business School Publishing and Forio Online simulation 2012, the supply chain for the company works with a format which starts with manufacturing of syrup in factory, a few miles away from the site area of the company designed in south of Pittsburgh. The syrup is being shipped to distributors by rail in Oakland, Chicago and Baltimore from where it is packed in a case containing 24 bottles in each of the cases. Moreover, it is transported to ten wholesalers and then 10,000 retailers including supermarkets. “For each step in the supply chain, it takes about 2 weeks for an order for more beer to be received and processed by the next step, and about 2 weeks shipping time for the product to be delivered back (a total of 4 weeks from order to delivery)” (Harvard Business School Publishing and Forio Online simulation 2012).
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