Assignment : The Metabolism Of Cities Essay

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CIV 220F URBAN ENGINEERING ECOLOGY Assignment: The Metabolism of Cities October.22nd, 2016 Submitted by: Student Name: Elvis(Chao) Yuan Student Number: 999727014 Disclaimer: The report being submitted is the individual work of the student All researches included in this report appropriately references sources of information Introduction The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is known as the largest (most populous) metropolitan area in Canada. In 2011, the population of GTA has reached 6,129,934 people which a density of 1038 people/km² [1]. The total area of Greater Toronto Area is 5,905.706 km² which includes the municipalities of City of Toronto, City of Mississauga, Durham region, Halton region, Peel region, and York region, and many others [1] [2]. The GTA is located in the southern Ontario province in Canada, and has a coordinate of 43.6532° N, 79.3832° W [3]. With an estimation of 8.8 billion of population by the end of year 2035 (Figure 1.1), the Greater Toronto Area is facing many problems such as inefficient infrastructure, dramatic climate changes, increasing amount of natural resources consumption and waste production. The study of urban metabolism (UM) which focuses on the input and output of the resources and energy will help to analyze the interactions between urban system and human beings. One of the most important aspects of urban metabolism is city infrastructure which refers to the basic facilities, services needed for a city to

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