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Assignment Title - Assignment – V4 Assignment Type – Research Essay and Performance Based Component Prepared by: Name – Navin Kumar Student ID – 4512883 Unit of Study – ITD1008 Course – TDIT Diploma in IT Table of Contents 1. Operating System 2 Types of Operating System 2 Real-time operating systems: 2 Single-user single task: 3 Single-user multi-tasking: 3 Multi-user multi-tasking: 3 History of Operating System: 4 1940s 4 1950s 4 1960 5 1970s 5 1980s 6 1990s 6 2000s 6 Task Managers and their tasks: 7 Process Manager: 7 I/O Manager: 7 File Manager: 7 Network Manager: 7 Memory Manager: 7 Basic techniques of Memory Management: 7 Importance of Memory Management 7 Summary 7 1. Operating System: An operating system is an interface between a user and the hardware of a computer. It is just a set of software that manages computer hardware and controls the operations on the computer. Operating system is the base of the application programs because they cannot contact the hardware directly. It does not do any work itself, it just provides an environment in which the other programs on a computer can run. Therefore, when a user enters or sends a command the operating system makes sure that the command is executed or not, if not it displays a message explaining the error. Without operating system a computer is of no use it is just a metal block. Types of Operating System When considering about the types of operating systems, generally there are four types:

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