Assignment Unit 6 - Interpersonal Skills

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Written Assignment Unit 6 - Interpersonal Skills
Definition of the skill - Listening as a skill is more than just hearing, it is focusing and paying full attention to not only the words being said but also the tone, syntax and body language of the person speaking with the purpose of interpreting and understanding the meaning of the conversation. This is also referred to as active listening.
Example of how the skill could be useful in business – Listening skills in business are paramount and will prevent many misunderstandings and mistakes when used correctly. A prospective client is telling you they already purchase your product or service from a competitor and are happy or satisfied and they add a word like except, but, however, mostly, usually or they roll their eyes, slump their shoulders or shake their head side to side while telling you there is more to their story. If you are truly paying attention you can use these hints or tells to continue the conversation and find out what it is they need or desire that the competitor is not providing.
Web site that offers instruction on how to develop that skill – Mind Tools at

Definition of the skill - Assertiveness as a skill is a balance of making your wants and needs known and actively asking for those needs and wants to be fulfilled while taking into consideration the needs and wants of others and without being aggressive, becoming…
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