Assignment for the Introduction to Scm Essay

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Assignment for the Introduction to SCM
Executive MBA program
Joint AMS/IBS-M module in Moscow, December 2012
Professor Mikhail G. Zaytsev

If you have an access to the database, containing information on inventory, orders that were placed on the company under consideration (it maybe the company you work for or any other company), or/and you can talk with people involved in the supply chain of this company, then
• Briefly describe and analyze the supply chain
• Consider whether the organization of the supply chain is close to traditional one (discussed in the class), or includes coordination and cooperation between supplier and customer; analyze whether it is subject (or can be subject) to negative influence of bullwhip effect,
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4) Barilla’s sales representatives resist to implementation of CRP because it causes a great shift in power and change in roles of sales and logistics departments. How should the work of sales department be re-organized and what KPIs and bonuses should be introduced in course of implementing CRP to you opinion?

5) Consider the following business case.

Galena is a director of logistic department of the Russian branch of the big international pharmaceutical company N in Moscow. The company N sells its products through distributors, which in their turn supply great number of pharmacies all over Russia. In particular N sells a licensed medicine X. The competitor of N, the other big multinational pharmaceutical company M used to sell the medicine Y, which could substitute X, but starting from 2012 M stopped selling Y in Russia, switching its efforts to remedies for other diseases and leaving this marketing niche to N.

Certainly the sales of X increased dramatically in 2012, and N continues receiving big orders for X from distributors now. Sales people are happy. The CEO of N’s Russian branch requires that Galena place sufficient order on production of X for 2013, given the quick-growing demand for the product X. But Galena is worried about the fact that increase in cumulative demand that N received since January 2012 has already been 30% more than the whole market share of product Y on Russian market last year. The product X has very limited

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