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Jessica Marie S. Borromeo IV-E Prof. Perlita M. Angeles
Journal No. 2 November 23, 2011

The Listening Process

The Listening Process

Listening is a skill where we can interpret what the speaker wants to tell and it recognizes the information from the spoken words and sound pattern and interpret the message easily. Through the communication process, listening skill is the main factors which is used to receive an information from the speaker. After they received the information, the listener decodes the meaning of the message before he/she gives the response to the speaker.

A good listener can easily respond if he/she possesses an effective listening if they can evaluate the meanings, sound patterns and the vocabulary of each
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80). It is this step where we typically fall short in the art of communication.
The Listening Process Model


The HURIER represent six interrelated listening processes: hearing, understanding, remembering, interpreting, evaluating, and responding.

a. Hearing
Hearing involves the accurate reception of sounds. To hear, you must focus your attention on the speaker, discriminate among sounds, and concentrate. b. Understanding
The ability to understand what you hear, listening comprehension, improves with practice. A number of processes involved in comprehension are intrapersonal; that is, they take place inside your head. This section familiarizes you with the nature of human information processing and the concept of inner speech. c. Remembering
There has been a great deal of research on memory. Remembering is essential if you intend to apply what you have heard in future situations. This chapter acquaints you with the three basic memory systems and the work that has been done in listening training and assessment with regard to the memory process. d. Interpreting
When you interpret message you do two things. First, you take into accounts the total communication context so that you are better able to understand the meaning of what is said from the speaker’s point of view. Your ability to empathize, or to see a situation from the other person’s perspective, requires that you pay attention to

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