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U9 Assignment of Software Engineering Homework-1 Submitted by: Submitted To: Name: Abhishek Mr. Amandeep sir Section: E - 3004 Roll_No: RE3004B58 Group : 2 Part – A Q1: Take a suitable example to develop a software and implement the waterfall Model technique in it to develop the software ? Ans: The waterfall model shows a process, where developers are to follow these phases in order: 1. Requirements specification (Requirements analysis) 2. Software Design 3. Integration 4. Testing (or Validation) 5. Deployment (or…show more content…
Justify your statement by giving some example. Ans: Project management is a people intensive activity, and for this reason, competent practitioners often make poor team leaders. They simply don’t have the right mix of people skills. And yet, as Edgemon states unfortunately and all too frequently it seems individual just fall into a project manager role and become accidental project managers. Model of leadership Motivation : The ability to encourage (by “push or pull”) technical people to produce to their best ability. Organization : The ability to mold existing processes (or invent new ones) that will enable the initial concept to be translated into a final product. Ideas of innovation : The ability to encourage people to create and feel creative evan when they must work within bounds established for a particuler software product or application. Problem Solving : Managerial identity : A good project manager must take charge of the project. She must have the confidence to assume control when necessary and the assurance to all good technical people to follow their instinct. Achievement : A complete manager must reward initiative and accomplishment to optimize the productivity of a project teem. She must demonstrate through own action that controlled risk taking will not be punished.. Influence and team building : An effective project manager must be able to read people she
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