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Mercantile Bank Limited
Annual Report for the year ended
31st December, 2009

Topics are to be discussed here (Context)

01. Letter to Transmittal 02. Notice of 11th Annual General Meeting 03. Mission, Vision & Objectives 04. MBL Timeline 05. Credit Rating 06. Sponsors of the Bank 07. Board of Directors 08. Corporate Structure 09. Management Team 10. Head Office & Branch Network 11. Where We Locate 12. Financial Summary 13. Economic Impact Report 14. Message from the Chairman 15. From the Desk of Managing Directors and CEO 16. Directors’ Report 17. Managing Directors and CEO’s Report on Risk Management 18. Report on Corporate Governance 19. Compliance Report
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10. Head Office & Branch Network: Under this title the details addresses of bank’s all 50 banking branches, SME braches and Brokerage House with Phone, Mobile and Fax number given.

11. Where We Locate: Here the map of Bangladesh given and all 53 (3 SME/Agro Branches) branches marked by company’s logo under district wise.

12. Financial Summary: Under Financial Summary Company’s last 5 years Net Interest Margin (NIM), Profit after Tax, Return on Assets (ROA), Cost Income Ratio, Return on Equity (ROE), Operating Efficiency Ratio and in the last 8 years comparable company’s Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Foreign Exchange Business, BIS Capital Measure, Credit Quality, Share Information, Operating Performance Ratio and Other Information represented.

13. Economic Impact Report: Here Economic Impact described in two ways; Direct Impact and Indirect Impact. Direct Impact are employment opportunities, payment of tax to the government, increase value to the Shareholders. Indirect Impact created by catering financial services, Bank generated wealth in the economy and profit for itself which is ultimately distributed amongst the shareholders and other participants in different form. In 2009, total value added by MBL was BDT 2,559.96 (millions) and direct

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