Assignment on Cultural Plunge

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My first reaction when receiving this assignment was surprise. Usually, a "cultural plunge" would involve a person entering a cultural type environment that is not within the person's comfort zone, as described by Pham (2013). However, since this type of plunge is also outside of our comfort zone, I suppose that it could also qualify as a cultural plunge. I am looking forward to trying this exercise, since I believe it will teach me a lot about not only myself, but also about others.
I have two basic expectations from this exercise regarding the reactions of others. From those I have missed informing about the exercise, I expect complete surprise and even a bit of consternation. They may believe that I have developed some sort of mental condition. Those I have informed will not be surprised, but I do expect them to react at least with some hostility to my new "personality."
For myself, I expect that I will be very uncomfortable during the performance of the exercise, since it is the complete opposite of the way in which I usually interact with people. I expect I will be grateful to return to my original personality.
I chose to become hostile and hateful, as opposed to my usually kind and loving nature. The reason I made this choice is precisely because it would affect the responses of others in a very clear and visible way, while it would create a zone of considerable discomfort for me. Certainly, choosing to become…

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