Assignment on Diversity

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Management of Diversity Developing & Implementing Equality & Diversity Policy at Service Co Submitted by: Mesam Tamar Submitted to: Suhail Razi Daud 2012 Mesam STEP 2/3/2012 Executive Summary I have employed as Employee Relations (ER) executive at Service Co. The organization went through an intense experience of change management during the past few years, when diversity issues were made a part of Service Co’s formal policy agenda. Two days back, Head of Employee Relations (ER) department who is my line manager as well has sent me a case study, giving a detailed insight into the Diversity Management (DM) policy being practiced at Service Co. She wants me to study this in detail and compile a report, giving a…show more content…
* To complement Service Co’s core values of openness, collaboration and mutual dependency. Policy itself telling that it is a ‘soft’ model of HRM. Task2 Can Service Co’s approach towards equality and diversity be characterized as strategic? Give logical arguments to support your analysis. Yes! Service Co’s equality and diversity policy is strategic. Strategy is something about planning and they are planning a policy for their workforce. If Service Co implements this diversity policy in its workforce it will give many long term benefits to the organization which can be: * This policy will strengthen cultural values with in the organization. * It will enhance corporate reputation * This policy will save from discrimination * If this policy is implemented properly it will improve workforce quality and performance in terms of diverse skills, creativity, problem solving and flexibility. * This policy will enhance employee relationship and reduces the cost of the labour. * This will enhance customer relations and increase market share. * Policy will enhance relations with suppliers that will reduce the costs and will save the time. * This will also improve motivation and efficiency of existing staff. Task3 Discuss the role of line managers and other stakeholders in Service Co’s equality and diversity policy. Stakeholders in Service
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