Assignment on Economic Condition of Bangladesh

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ASIAN UNIVERSITY OF BANGLADESH An Assignment On “Economic condition of Bangladesh” Course Title: Microeconomics Course code: BBA 1204 Submitted to Dr. Shamsul Islam Latifi Associate profesor, Dept. of Economics Asian University of Bangladesh Submitted By Md. Hasan Khan ID: 200920863 Batch: 36th Date of Submission 5th September, 2013 Letter of Transmittal Dr. Shamsul Islam Latifi Associate professor, Dept. of Economics Asian University of Bangladesh. Sub: Letter of Transmittal. Dear Sir, With due respect we want to state that we are grateful to you for allowing us to complete this wonderful term paper. We think this will be very helpful for us in our professional life. By this term paper we could able to understand and also…show more content…
In FY 2011-12, the government has targeted the rate of inflation at 7.5 percent while it was 8.8 percent in FY 2010-11 and 7.31 percent in FY 2009-10. In November 2011, general inflation rate is 10.51 percent while it was 8.14 percent in November 2010. In FY 2001-02, the rate of general inflation (12-month average) was 2.79 percent and point-to-point was 3.58 percent while consumer price index (CPI) was at 130.26. The rate of inflation continued to increase further in the next fiscal years. In FY 2007-08, the rate of Trade Balance general inflation (12-month average) was higher at 9.94 percent and the rate of point-to-point inflation was 10.04 percent. But in FY 2008-09, the rate of point to point inflation followed a huge decline and dropped down to 2.25 percent as well as general inflation declined to 6.66 percent.ely Import and Export An increasing trend has been observed in import payments and export earnings over the years. In FY 2011-12, import payments and export earnings are estimated by the government at USD 35400 million and 25700 million respectively. However, in 2010-11, import payments was USD 33660 million and export earnings was USD 22930 million. Budget Deficit In FY 2011-12, total revenue and foreign grants is estimated at Tk. 1233.23 billion that is 24 percent higher than that
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