Assignment on Industrial Relations, Bangladesh

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Executive Summary: Industrial relations is used to denote the collective relationships between management and the workers. Traditionally, the term industrial relations is used to cover such aspects of industrial life as trade unionism, collective bargaining, workers’ participation in management, discipline and grievance handling, industrial disputes and interpretation of labor laws and rules and code of conduct. The term industrial relations explain the relationship between employees and management which stem directly or indirectly from union-employer relationship. “Theoretical Framework” According to NCL (The National Commission on Labor), industrial relations affect not merely the interests of the two participants-…show more content…
The causes of industrial disputes can be broadly classified into two categories: economic and non-economic causes. The economic causes will include issues relating to compensation like wages, bonus, allowances, and conditions for work, working hours, leave and holidays without pay, unjust layoffs and retrenchments. The non economic factors will include victimization of workers, ill treatment by staff members, sympathetic strikes, political factors, indiscipline etc. Wages and allowances: Since the cost of living index is increasing, workers generally bargain for higher wages to meet the rising cost of living index and to increase their standards of living. Personnel and retrenchment: The personnel and retrenchment have also been an important factor which accounted for disputes. Indiscipline and violence: It is evident that the number of disputes caused by indiscipline. Bonus: Bonus has always been an important factor in industrial disputes. Leave and working hours: Leaves and working hours have not been so important causes of industrial disputes. Miscellaneous: The miscellaneous factors include:- - Inter/Intra Union Rivalry - Charter of Demands - Work Load - Standing orders/rules/service conditions/safety measures - Non-implementation of agreements and awards etc. “Recommendation” There is a proverb, “Prevention is better than cure”.

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