Assignment on Training and Development of Unilever

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| | University of Information Technology & Sciences | | | | | | Assignment No.#01 Topic:Training & Development of HR Department of Unilever Company Course Title: Human Resource Practice in Bangladesh Course Code: HRM363 Prepared For Ashiq Mahmud Bin Gholam Kibria Lecturer, School of Business Prepared By MD. Saddam Hossain ID: 11310478 Sec: B Dept: BBA Submission Date 19 june,2013 Executive Summary Training and development programs are the programs which are provided to the employees of a multinational company for the purpose of developing the employees’ skills, and find the appropriate leader from a pool of talent. Here included the definition of training, methods of training and about…show more content…
In a development programmer we would aim for a person to be able to deal effectively with circumstances that had not been anticipated. Such capability entails less tangible aspects of performance such as attitudes, perceptions, judgments, diagnosis, insights, discretion and flexibility. Training methods: There are two types of training methods, these are (a) On the job training: On job training methods are like, 1. Apprenticeship training 2. Informal learning 3. Job instruction training 4. Lectures 5. Programmed learning 6. Audiovisual-based training 7. Vestibule training 8. Computer-based training 9. Simulated learning (b) Off the job training: Off the job training methods are like, 1. The case study method 2. Management games 3. Outside seminars 4. Executive coaches etc. (Human Resource Management/Gary Dessler/twelfth edition) Introduction to Unilever Bangladesh “Unilever Bangladesh is a leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company with a heritage of over 48 years.Unilever started its onshore operations in Bangladesh in 1964 when its soap factory was set up at Chittagong.Unilever Bangladesh is market leader in 7 of the 8 categories it operates in, with 16 brands spanning across Home and Personal Care and Foods.Unilever Bangladesh’s operation
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