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Assignment # 4 – Exploring the Structural Frame Mayra Tindel BIS 300- Module 4 Professor: Caryl Williams Personal Perspective / Structural Frame Describe your reactions, perceptions and significant insights gained from the reading. Be specific to demonstrate your engagement of the reading by making clear connections to content and examples. The responses to the prompts should not be a summary or simple “regurgitation” of what you read (as your professor already knows what the readings say), but be focused on these issues: Prompt #1: What did you learn about organizations? Reviewing my reading material I obtain knowledge on the how the structural frame regulates the organization’s communication, competent planes for the…show more content…
Having good authority helps employees to reach goals and objectives of the organization. In addition, this also affects the output and performance of employees. As a result, employee’s performance and quality will increase also having an effect on employee’s behavior. In the other hand, bad authority has negative effects employees’ behavior. For instance, when I was working at Chiricahua Community Health Centers, the authority was very bad. It was never to keep action in employee’s objective but rather to point fingers and punish According to Bolman and Deal, authority is there to shape and direct the behavior of employees (Bolman and Deal, 2008). In the other hand, lateral coordination affects the behavior of individuals because employees are giving the opportunity to talk and communicate. One example of lateral coordination is meetings. According to Bolman and Deal, “informal contact and exchanges are vital to take up slack and glue things together in face-paced and turbulent environments. Pixar is good examples of having group constant talks in order achieve their purpose. Finally, another thing that I learned in chapter 3 and 5 that can influence individual behavior is teamwork. I enjoyed reading the story about the kidney transplant that Dr. Peter Minnich performed. By reviewing this story I could see how important teamwork is. Each medical assistant had their own important role, but it made it more important their performance as a
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