Assignments for International Business Management

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Assignments for International Business Management

Assignment 1:

The TATA case
Tata Cars, India, has become the focus of public attention, and has caught the beady eyes of competitors in the automobile industry since it announced it would put the cheapest car ever on the market – first in India, but eventually also in the rest of the world.

This plan is seen as a revolution in the car industry. Many potential customers all over the world anticipated the arrival of the Tata Nano. Millions of people who otherwise would not have the resources to buy a car, now saw a chance looming that they, too, would have that opportunity.

Tata now has to figure out a way to enter the Western markets, including the Netherlands.

Analyze their
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What is the situation of the repayment of the debt to the government? What consequences doe the restructuring of ABN-Amro and Fortis have, for the bank itself and for its customers?

Do the necessary research in the papers of the last year to get information and to form an opinion. Then write an essay in which you analyse the situation and come to conclusions.

Assignment 3:

Do research on and analyze the position that Asian countries are taking in the Euro Crisis.
Are they likely to come to the rescue? Why? Why not? What form would or should that rescue take?


Assignments for Logistics

Assignment 1
Do push and pull oriented automobile supply chains suffer to the same extent of the economic crisis, or is one or the other less or more affected?

Assignment 2
Identify and explain a recent theory as a driver for change with regards to logistics. What are the consequences of this theory for the present-day logistical processes?

Assignment 3
Analyse the phenomenon of empty containers in some ports, and the scarcity of containers in other ports. Describe the causes, and find potential solutions. Is this phenomenon a sign of a bad economy?

Assignment 4
Arctic Logistics
Analyze the positive and/or negative consequences of global warming on arctic logistics (logistics in arctic areas such as Alaska and North Canada).
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