Assimilation, Amalgamation, And Accommodation

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With over seventy five million immigrants coming into the United States since it first became a nation, several theories have resulted. This chapter looks at assimilation, amalgamation, and accommodation. The values of the dominant culture includes how those in America should look, speak, and act. However, when these standards are not met by the immigrants it becomes difficult for them to fit in comfortably. On the other hand, diversity allows for greater possibilities and unexpected relationships to form. First, assimilation is discussed as immigrants forming within the dominant groups, without any differences being seen. The minority conforms to the standards of society and leaves behind their cultural and social differences. Therefore, when it comes to physical appearance, it does not bother the dominant group because all other aspects of them already conformed. Throughout the eighteenth century, the English decent played a tremendous role in the developing this newly discovered nation’s culture. Although people tried to get away from this English culture during the nineteenth century, it shortly returned and the Angelo Saxon heritage became the standard for minorities. To persevere this standard, schools were the main influence in getting rid of cultural differences among individuals. Cultural assimilation, as explained by Milton Gordon is one important phase of assimilation. This is where cultural patterns of the minorities change to mirror those of the dominant

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