Assimilation And Its Effects On African Americans

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Assimilation is to remove a community from their inherit language, cultural practices and displacing them from their lands to conform with non-Aboriginal societal models. Assimilation is achieved by removing First Nations from their traditional lifestyle, rejecting their governance and suppressing their basic human rights through the evolvement of colonization. On the Means of Converting the Savages impels a definition of civilizing Aboriginal peoples. This article published in 1633-34, thereby written as a bias to the dominant belief at the time. Paul Le Jeune begins with a statement – “the great show of power made at first by the Portuguese in the East and West Indies inspired profound admiration in the minds of the Indians”. Le Jeune’s intent is to impose the same assertion upon the Aboriginals in Lower Canada. Through the course of time spent with the Hurons he learnt their language, he created a relationship with the Hurons and securing their trust by joining them on their seasonal hunter-gatherer practice, “we never see in this world men so good as thou sayest, who would take the trouble to help us without hope of reward, and to employ so many men to aid us without taking anything from us; if thou shouldst do that,” Le Jeune was admired by the Huron Aboriginals, and they were grateful to an associate who was concerned for their well-being. He was troubled by their nomadic lifestyle and understood their patterned mobility was determined by seasonal availability of
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