Assimilation For Asian Immigrants

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Bilingual Education has been an ongoing theme for many immigrants since they first arrived in the land of opportunity, America. Many immigrant parents have sacrificed everything for their child to have a profitable future, unlike themselves. Bilingual education has been present to help immigrants assimilate into the American community, but does it help them? Or does it hold them back from reaching their full potential? Many who don't make it past bilingual programs are often stuck and secluded from regular classrooms. After reading “Aria,” by Richard Rodriguez, I decided to research bilingual education and how it affects assimilation for Asian immigrants in the United States. The question I chose to ask, to further my investigation was; What is the criteria for bilingual education and how does it affect assimilation for Asian immigrants?
Firstly, I wanted to get more insight on just how much Asian immigrant parents have to sacrifice for their child, to witness how vital education is towards them. My parents themselves are also immigrants which gives me some common knowledge about the sacrifice immigrant parents face. However, I wanted to gain a different point of views on how parents view sacrifice; then I came across an article titled “Giving It Up: Immigrant Parents and Sacrifice.” This article by Theresa Celebran Jones is more a story about her being a parent and also a child to Asian immigrant parents. Jones elucidates the pressure parents may put on their child by
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