Assimilation Of Women In Othello

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Women in Othello and how they resist assimilation
It is true that long time ago, women’s did not enjoy the kind of freedom which that is enjoying today. As records show this was the time when there were rules which guided women’s on how they should stay both in public and at home. This was a result that ladies where the ones who were supposed to maintain the honor of their families hence they were forced to follow all the rules and regulations which are set for them. This occurred because the society that time was patriarchal and men’s were seen as the head of families and the providers of everything. Women’s were put in tight rules to make sure that they obeyed their husbands and could not lead to doing anything which is wrong. As the play explains a woman who is married was entitled to many rules which she was supposed to follow. All this led to assimilation and it was the duty of the women during that time to resist this, which, resulted to the light present in the current society about women’s, where today they believe that they are equal to men’s and what a man can do women can do better.
There are several characters who are present in this play and who have played an important role in shaping the lives of women’s. Though the society which we live today forces women to do things and acts which may be oppressive to them. This is the things which go against the gender rules and which lead to assimilation which in our case, we are discussing the
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