Assimilation vs. Diversity Essay

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Assimilation vs. Diversity

The United States of America is a strong country with its own general culture. At the same time, it is a country in which many unique and different cultures are represented. Having a general culture with many unique cultures mixed in has helped make America the country that it is. Immigrants should assimilate to American culture, but should be allowed to keep certain aspects of their original culture.

During my lifetime, I have had experiences with three friends from foreign countries. All of them are proficient when speaking English. Two of them had no problems with assimilating, however one of them, my old friend Anna, did not even try to assimilate to the American culture. I met Anna when I started
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I feel Anna would agree with Maxine Hairston. Hairston, who is a retired professor of rhetoric and composition at University of Texas in Austin, supports multiculturalism. Anna would support diversity too, because she enjoyed meeting people from different countries. In Hairston's 1992 essay entitled "Diversity, Ideology, and Teaching Writing," she addresses the importance of diversity in the writing classroom. Diversity is important, because it helps people to understand cultures they may find to be inferior. Hairston believes that diversity is explored by looking at each student's unique and different experiences. Hairston states, "Every student brings to class a picture of the world in his or her mind that is constructed out of his or her cultural background and unique and complex experience" (Hairston 1). This statement shows that when students work with each other, everyone's diverse ideas and backgrounds are shared. This helps students to understand and accept each other's differences. In the future, students are more educated and intellectual than non-college graduates, because they explored different cultures and ideas in college. Professors assign students essays "that involve argument and exposition and suggest options that encourage cross-cultural awareness." This means that students learn more about multiculturalism through these writing assignments. The students also
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