Assingments 2012-2013

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Marketing Studies (1 year, Diploma)


Assignment 1
a) Luis St. Jean is a famous design house in France with annual sales of $1.2 billion in clothing, perfume, scarves, and other designer items. Each year it prepares more than 150 original designs for its seasonal collections. As head buyer for Cindy’s, an upscale women’s clothing store at the Mall of
America in Minneapolis, you think you might like to start offering the LSJ’s line of perfume. You need to know more about pricing, types of perfume offered, minimum ordering quantities, and marketing assistance p rovided by
LSJ. You would also like to know if you can have exclusive marketing rights to LSJ perfumes in the Minneapolis
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This should be submitted to your seminar group tutor on the poster presentation day together with your ‘Peer Review Sheets’.
Please note:
All members of your group MUST be present and prepared to answer any question stimulated by your poster from both the tutors and fellow students.
Any person who is absent will receive a mark of zero for this assessment and fail the module.

Deadline: 14th December 2012
(No assignment will be accepted after this date)


Assignment 2
The final reflective report requires you to identify how you have applied OB theory, learned in the module, to develop your knowledge and skills in working with others. You are to identify three issues, or topics, from the OB module where you can identify relevant experience to which you can apply OB theory.
The experiences may be from your studies, from work, or from social groups or clubs to which you belong.
For each of your three topics you are to identify relevant experience and select and apply appropriate OB theory to those experiences. You should evaluate the theory in analysing what happened and in guiding future action. To help you plan your final report you are to submit a proposal that forms part of the Groups and Teams portfolio. The proposal should be no more than 150 words. Also a list of at least five academic references you intend to use, in Harvard format, should be provided.
The final report should be a business

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