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ACCT525 Week 2 Assignment Read “New IASB Leader Embraces Challenges” which can be accessed through the DeVry online library. Choose a country that has already adopted IFRS. In 2-3 pages (12-pt type, double-spaced) answer the following questions: 1. Describe the process that your selected country went through to adopt IFRS, such as how long it took for the country to fully adopt IFRS. IFRS’s are a single set of accounting standards at a global level for all sectors. Accounting standards are trustworthy statements is the reflection of financial statements to be presented to the stakeholders . United kingdom has already adopted IFRS since 2005.I would be discussing on adoption of IFRS by United kingdom for this paper. The United…show more content…
UK’s IFRSs are designed to make it easier to compare the performance of organizations in different countries, rather than each country maintaining its own GAAP, which makes such comparisons difficult. All listed EU companies have been required to use IFRSs since 2005. The adoption of IFRSs by the private sector is expected to have various benefits for both companies and investors; including (1) UK’s IFRSs will remove the need for companies with foreign subsidiaries to translate the accounts for consolidation with the parent company accounts. Also (2) it will be easier for investors to make informed decisions about the performance of companies in different countries because of the increased transparency and a better understanding of financial statements. 3. Has IFRS adoption made it easier for companies in that country to access the capital markets? Access to capital markets in United Kingdom is easy after the adoption of IFRs. Public capital markets play an important role in financing the activities of non-financial companies in the United Kingdom, providing them with the main option to bank loans and private sources of finance. These set of international accounting standards helped reduce the information processing and auditing costs to the UK’s market participants. With the help of adoption of IFRS it is expected to lower information costs to capital markets, and the UK country is more

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