Assist The Conduct Of Internal Audit

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1875 Assist the conduct of internal audit 4/7/2015 Meenakshi TASK 1 1.1.1 INTEGRITY: Integrity is the main moral objectives or principal of the company. Methodology aims of financial records: • All financial statements made very fairly and profitable. • Using the best financial standards techniques and book keeping methods. • Accounts made by just the master bookkeeper. • Provide the independent objective examination of the financial statements. • In financial records mainly focus on internal controls of financial records. • All the bank checks consistently issued by the company. 1.1.2 Methodologies developed be implemented: Methods are an important part of a company to help maintain the proper documentation. Such methods can be used in society PIFCO ZEN CHEN. This leads to eliminate missed deeds of all financial documents of the company or the head of the company, as Director such methods in the company. The director of the company also has management of all a law firm. Director should all actions taken into account by all employees. Such actions are any of the financial or accounting records. The auditor checks for each manipulation in numbers or accounts. So you must have in mind, what are the accounts clear and all the information is correct. 1.2 • Warehouse have 25$ million worth of the stocks and that’s overvalued stock. • No provision has made by warehouse while the debtors accounts worth is 9$million. • They disclosure the overdraft facility and that’s not

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