Assistant Coach : A Realistic Perspective Essay

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Many coaches in start of careers have decision yo begin as head coach or as an assistant coach. The assistant coach has unique position within the program and coaching staff. Assistant coach are hired by a head coach to make sure players, equipment and facilities are well-prepared and organized. However, some assistant coaches have direct coaching responsibilities, while others only respond to a main or head coach 's directives. The asissant job given the oppurunties to work up the ladder by allow the gained of knowledge and experience that are necessary to lead a team. While compare and contast the chapter of 'The Assistant Coach ' from the book ‘Coaching, A Realistic Perspective’ by Michael and Ralph Sabock to the article ‘Head Coaches’ Perceptions on the Roles, Selection, and Development of the Assistant Coach’ by Scott Rathwell, Gordan Bloom, and Todd Loughead, the research shows difference, but more similars in techique and needs of coaching position. In the textbook ‘Coaching, A Realistic Perspective’, capter of the assissant coach foucs on helping coaches create a positive atmosphere to allow the assisants to gain and grow within the program and team. The chapter opens up with high school sport reflection of assistant coach. The main points of becoming an assistant coach is the head coach on high school level doesn 't usually have a voice in hiring of an assistant coach. The head coaches do not know how and use an assistant coaches.

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