Assisted Living Nursing Home

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Understanding the benefits of assisted living homes is important in determining where a loved one will best enjoy their remaining years. The ability to remain independent, yet have the appropriate level of care can relieve stress for both family members and the loved one. There is a big difference between assisted living and nursing home facilities. Realizing these differences can help ease the idea of leaving home behind and moving into a facility with round the clock care. A nursing home is a place where constant care and monitoring is needed. Those living there are often in the last years of their lives and require a higher level of medical care. The patient is one that is often unable to manage even his or her basic needs including bathing,…show more content…
This is not the case at all. With their own private room, choices of activities, reading rooms, and other ways of choosing to participate or not, the resident is given opportunities to stay active, but the choice of where to participate is solely theirs to make. It is important for them to continue to remain active and take care of themselves. Even though independence is reserved and maintained, the family and the resident can live without fear of them being alone. Often, family is burdened by having to constantly worry about a fall or making sure the family member is taking care of him or herself. In these facilities, the worry is eliminated because the staff observes at a distance, checking in on them from time to time without being intrusive. If the resident starts isolating himself or herself the family is often informed and asked to make more frequent visits. Included in understanding the benefits of assisted living homes, the family learns of the safety and comfort that are provided. The loved one is able to continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle without giving up privacy or independence. They are also able to live without fear of being without assistance should they need it. Article Source:
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